Michelle Sienicki

Michelle Sienicki Speech Pathologist

Michelle is an early career speech pathologist dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of every individual. She prioritizes taking the time to build positive therapeutic relationships, recognizing it as a fundamental step for influencing positive clinical experiences and outcomes. Michelle is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist committed to lifelong learning and growing professionally within her field.


Michelle has experience working in an acute hospital setting, focusing on providing interventions for dysphagia and cognitive communication to adults with acquired brain injuries and neurological conditions, including stroke. She also has provided services within a rural community to both the paediatric and adult populations under remote clinical supervision. During her time in Broken Hill, she has focused on collaborating closely with families, teachers, staff, and multidisciplinary teams, while also devoting time to educate and advocate for her clients.

Michelle has an interest in cognitive communication disorders associated with neurological and progressive conditions. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling, walking her dog, and catching up on TV shows.