Welcome to Rehab Solutions Adelaide Blog.

Welcome to Rehab Solutions Adelaide Blog.

A space to provide you with Speech Pathology information.

Examples of AAC. Sign language, eye-gaze communication devices, aided language displays and communication books such as PODD.

Examples of AAC

Welcome to our blog. We will be using this space to provide information around a range of issues and topics relating to speech pathology and communication.

Our first focus will be to talk about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), to build awareness around AAC implementation and use and to disseminate content in this area.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is a method of communication which is used in place of verbal or written communication for those who have difficulties communicating. For some, it may be used to assist (augment) communication and for others, it may be used as an alternative to communication.

Communication difficulties can arise as a result of a range of conditions, including developmental disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, intellectual disability or Down Syndrome. Communication can also be impacted by neurological conditions including stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain tumour or progressive conditions such as motor neurone disease, Huntington’s Disease or Parkinson’s Disease.

Rehab Solutions Adelaide specialises in supporting adult clients to identify the most appropriate method of communication and put in place strategies to maximise communication. Solutions are tailored to the individual.

AAC strategies may include low tech options such as communication books, aided language displays or PODD books. AAC may also include speech generating devices which use direct access, eye gaze access or switch access.

Stay tuned for content around a range of these areas and more.

From the team at Rehab Solutions Adelaide