Neurodivergent Clients

Neurodivergent Clients

Neurodiverse-affirming Approach to Therapy

We work with adult and paediatric clients who are neurodivergent including autistic clients and those with ADHD.

Our therapists embrace and celebrate that all brains have unique and important strengths, gifts, ways of being interests and needs. We feel that this isn’t something to be corrected but rather understood, celebrated and supported appropriately.

We work from a neurodiversity-affirming paradigm, with a focus on supporting clients to:

  • Understand their unique communication skills and characteristics
  • Advocate for their needs in a range of environments
  • Engage and feel safe at school, home or in the workplace
  • Build a positive sense of identity
  • Build the skills to communicate to achieve their unique goals
  • Understand the environmental changes and supports that will facilitate success

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