The Vital Role of IT in AAC and Speech Pathology

The Vital Role of IT in AAC and Speech Pathology

For those who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices to communicate, it’s essential that the technology is both secure and up-to-date. This is why having an IT professional working with AAC and speech pathologists is so essential. Let’s take a look at the role IT plays in helping ensure AAC users have access to the best possible support.

Eye Gaze System Updates

Eye gaze systems run on Windows, which requires regular updates to keep them running efficiently and securely. An experienced IT professional will be able to perform these updates quickly and efficiently, ensuring the user has minimal disruption to their communication system.

Keeping Eye Gaze Devices Secure on the Internet

Having an eye gaze device connected to the internet can open up a wealth of new possibilities for communication, but it also comes with risks such as hacking or malware. An IT professional will be able to configure all security settings correctly, minimising any potential risks while giving users all they need from an online connection.

Device Maintenance

AAC and eye gaze devices are more than just a communication tool for many people — they are their voices. Without it, these people would have no way to express their wants, needs, or even basic emotions and thoughts. AAC and eye gaze technology can be invaluable for those with limited motor control or speech difficulties.

AAC devices are also complex pieces of technology, often requiring ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting when something goes wrong. This is why having an IT professional working with speech pathology clinics is so important as they can provide support when needed in order to get the device back up and running quickly.

Communication System Customisation

An eye gaze system allows for a great degree of customisation depending on the user’s needs, meaning they can tailor their system exactly how they want it – eliminating anything they don’t need while focusing on what works best for them. An IT professional will be able to configure this customisation quickly and accurately, allowing users more control over their communication experience than ever before.

Having an experienced IT professional working alongside AAC and speech pathology professionals is essential for providing users with safe, secure and reliable access to communication systems like eye gaze devices. By performing regular updates, keeping devices secure online, providing maintenance services when needed and configuring customised systems based on individual needs, an IT professional can play a vital role in helping ensure people have access to the best possible support from their chosen AAC device.