Functional Communication

Communication is vital for everyday activities. At Rehab Solutions Adelaide, we focus strongly on functional and daily situations. In particular, we believe that after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) it’s important to get back into living, socialising and being with others.

Speech Pathology isn’t just about sitting in a room and doing activities, but is about living well, enjoying life and getting back into the community!

Some activities include:

  • Communicating to someone your thoughts and feelings (love, thirst, hunger, pain)
  • Maintaining and making friendships or relationships
  • Ordering and paying for a drink at the café
  • Using social media (Facebook, Instagram) on your phone or computer
  • Sending a text to your family and friends
  • Planning a holiday or event
  • Giving a speech at a wedding
  • Volunteering and/or returning to work

These activities involve a range of speech, language and cognitive-communication abilities, which you can read more about on other pages.

Let’s get out there together!